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Personal Financing

There is a time when you face unexpected financial needs that requires you to obtain cash urgently.

Auto Financing

Get that new ride you have always wanted. Hassle and worry free auto financing catered for you

Home Financing

We have the complete home financing package which caters to your first home, upgrading or investing purposes. we have the ideal package to suit your needs

Business Financing

Our range of business financing allows you to choose what’s right for your business now and in the near future

Money Changer

We offers numerous types of foreign currencies notes at competitive rates and available in various denominations

Card Services

Our Debit and Prepaid cards lets you take money out of your account immediately. The cards are accepted for cashless transactions locally, overseas and online

Our Little Story

Something About Us

Kalvin Master Sdn Bhd (“KMSB” or the “Company”) has been established since 1984. At KMSB, we understand the importance of obtaining financial help at the right time.

A large number of people fall back into having debts due to health problems, financial setbacks, and other unforeseen circumstances. When this situation cannot be resolved in the short term, these people will lack of the most banking services currently offered by the financial institutions.

However, when given access at the right time during this critical moments by obtaining credit from KMSB, one can mitigate the financial risks and weather setbacks and achieve greater financial stability over the long term. This opportunity helps you to absorb the sudden shock without being pushed deeper into debt.

Nevertheless, there are another group of people who has good financial credit standing but unable to obtain further financial assistance due to the current banking policies enforced.

KMSB aims to fill a needed gap within the financial services industry by offering small loans, or micro-loans, to people unable to access conventional loan services

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We are trusted for more than 3 decades

Our experiences has brought us closer with the community and understand their financial requirement better. We have evolved, transformed and adapted the digital transformation to serve our clients effectively.

We are an expert in
providing fundings

Obtain the money you deserve to fulfil your
financial needs

  • Premium services
  • Get the best support
  • Beyond your expectations

Our goal is to be at the heart of the financial services industry.

Mr K.C FooGM Of Kalvin Master Sdn Bhd

Clients’ Testimonials

  • I want to thank Kalvin Master for helping me relieve my financial stress. I had recently been admitted to hospital and needed a sum of money for the operations. I tried to obtain borrowings from the financial institutions but were turned down despite being a good paymaster due to high commitments. My friend introduced me to Kalvin Master and indeed they have become my saviour.

    Happy Client
  • Kalvin Master gave the best customer service experience and has gone the extra length to understand my needs. Despite my unfavourable credit rating, Kalvin Master has worked a win-win plan to help my financial difficulties.

    Ethan Wong
    Happy Client

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